6 Tips When Buying a Dirt-Bike Used

Thinking of buying a dirt bike? Picking one up brand-new might be too expensive. If you’re going the used route, the below points would help.


Whatever vehicle you’re buying, you’ll need to check its title. This would make sure that the name the vehicle is registered is also under its VIN number. Why is this important? Because it would make sure that you purchased the dirt-bike legally.

One of the best things to do is make the purchase outside of a police station. Not only would you scare nefarious sellers away, but you could sweet-talk an officer into seeing if the bike title matches up.


The dirt bike you’re interested in should have a sturdy frame. You’re probably going to be using it to off-road. Trails would be super bumpy, so if its frame is weak, you’d feel a lot of shocks. And if you ride through a huge bump, the frame could even break.

How do you know if the exterior is tough enough? By checking how it feels in your hands. Look carefully at its sides too. You need to make sure that you’re not buying something with cracks.

Air Filter

You can ask the seller to remove the filter that was installed. Take a look at its insides – you don’t want to see any dirt or muck. You might have to use a flashlight.


Just like you need to make sure that the unit’s frame is sturdy, you need to ensure its rim is also like this. It’d be horrible if you’re driving and a wheel falls off the road. Just like with the frame, the only way to do this is by checking with your hands. Keep an eye out for scratches as well.

Take a look the bike’s tire too. They can be expensive to replace, which is why you’d go for bikes that don’t require you to change them. If there is a lot of cracks on the wheels, you might not be able to glide as smoothly across the road.


Due to how light, they are, dirt bikes can be harder to control. You’ll need a unit that provides excellent steering. Not only should you check how easy it would be to grip its handle bar, but you should purchase an item with superb triple clamps. They would make the vehicle feel more stable.

When it comes to its handlebar, you could swap its parts out for custom choices. It’d be pricey but grip could improve by tenfold.


Take a good look at the brake pads. Do you see any wear?  If you see brake fluid in the vehicle’s master cylinder, don’t worry. It’ll just take a bit of maintenance work to remedy – it won’t be pricey or expensive to fix.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to purchasing a bike used, there is a lot to keep in mind. Whatever type of vehicle you’re thinking of buying, it’s important that you get something that has a title that matches its VIN number. You’d be taking part in an illegal purchase otherwise.

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