Best Ways to Customize Your Jeep

There are many advantages to owning a jeep. Some of them include being convertible, perfect for off-road and are all-weather vehicles. However, another huge advantage is that you have the chance to customize it according to your choice. Here are four ways to customize your vehicle and tips to choose the best parts for it.

Wheels and Tires

Appropriate tires and wheels will make the performance of the vehicle on off-road trails even better. In tires, a better trail performance can be seen when the thread design is more aggressive and the wheels are bigger. However, you will only be needing this type of tires if you are off-roading. Since bigger tires consume more gas and create large noise, use them only when it is absolutely necessary. Also note that before choosing the tires you need to consider the condition of weather that you will be driving in; especially whether it is during the rain or snow.


An important aspect of your vehicle, especially if you are off-roading is its lights. It is considered as one accessory that can give the vehicle a lot of flexibility too. You can attach light bars and brackets to the top of your hood, windshield, or to your bumper. The bumper, windshield, A-pillar, hood and side mirrors are some places where you can mount lights. Many experts also recommend adding a third brake light if you have a large spare tire. After choosing lighting, remember to protect them with light covers or light guards too. Light covers and guards will also give a bit of an extra look to the vehicle.

Jeep Tops

The jeep top you choose will depend on your preference and your budget. But above all it depends on it model. If you are new to owning a vehicle always remember what kind of model you are driving. You have to know whether it is jeep Cherokee, renegade or jeep compass parts that you are looking for. If you need tops for cold weather, the better option is hard tops as they provide good insulation. However, if you like to enjoy the open air while travelling, soft tops are the best. They are easier to remove and cheaper than hardtops too.


Apart from being able to change the appearance of your vehicle, bumper can shield the front and rear ends of the vehicle too, especially from obstacles such as rocks, stumps and boulders. Bumpers too have a variety of shapes, materials, size and weights. Out of them, factory bumpers contain only a little amount of steel or aluminum and does not provide a good level of protection. Aluminum bumpers are a good choice for vehicles that drive in wet weather conditions. If you choose to drive through rocky, bumpy roads, then steel bumpers are the best choice.

The next time you decide to add a personal touch to your vehicle or upgrade it, take a look at these tips to know what type of parts suits it the best.

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