Different Types of Forklifts for Industrial Use

Forklifts are one of the most popular types of lifting machinery used at businesses and construction sites. Did you know that there is more than one type of forklift you can use for various industrial purposes? Here is a list of common different forklift variations to consider using at your worksite:

Electric Powered Forklifts

Electric powered forklifts are known for stability. These machines come with a battery that also acts as a counterweight. As a result, these forklifts are popular for use in small businesses. Electric forklifts can be operated either sitting down or standing up. Overall, these forklifts are highly versatile.

The machines are powered by an electric battery, which makes than rather perfect for indoor use. Most retailers and warehouse operators rely on electric-powered forklifts. These machines come with different types of wheel arrangements as well, such as 3-wheel or 4-wheel.

Electric powered forklifts can easily roll around in indoor areas to grab pallets for stacking. However, these machines can be quite expensive to purchase. Local services like Damoli in Australia offer electric forklifts at affordable rental prices for cash-strapped businesses.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

Not all worksites have neat indoor grounds for forklifts to operate. If your worksite contains rough terrain, such as ground with gravel or sand, you should use a specially designed forklift for the job. Rough terrain forklifts are available with two to four wheel drives to navigate tough areas.

These forklifts offer more reach that is well suited for outdoor construction sites. A rough terrain forklift can carry weights over 10,000 kilos. You can consult with a forklift expert to ensure whether a rough terrain forklift is the best option for your worksite.

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Formally known as electric motor narrow aisle trucks, these forklifts are specially designed to navigate along narrow clearings. As a result, these forklifts are perfect for warehouse operations. You can buy narrow aisle forklifts for stand-up and seated operation.

These forklifts are generally designed to pick up items and place them somewhere. You can purchase models as side loaders and turret machines too. There are combination narrow aisle forklift models that offer better operational versatility.

Aerial Forklifts

Aerial forklifts are the best choice for moving items placed on the ground to very high areas. These machines are known for giving operators a “boom lift.” There are different types of aerial forklifting with varying lifting mechanisms.

Aerial lifters are the best option for reaching high points that normal forklifts cannot. While these types of lifts are commonly used in stacking, many types of businesses can benefit from aerial lifters.

Hand-Controlled Forklifts

Also known as hand forklifts or trucks, these machines are widely used for quick unloading. The lifting capability of hand trucks are limited. These forklifts can’t pick up a stack more than several inches off ground. But this lack of versatility proves quite useful when needing to quickly unstack ground level loads.

These forklifts can be hand controlled by the operator walking behind the machine with a remote. Some models have a steering tiller for control. You can use hand-controlled forklifts for short distance unloading and small warehousing requirements.

The above lists only a handful of forklifts available for business or industrial use. Choose the right forklift for your job by familiarising yourself with the different types of models.


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