Entertainment Tips for Your Motorhome Trip

Driving along the unseen outdoors can be highly rewarding for those who love caravan trips. However, some RV vacationers may also start craving for regular types of entertainment. Keeping yourself busy while on long drives can be a problem, especially if you have kids. Here are several suggestions for conventional entertainment for those long motorhome trips that are worth considering:

Get a Secondary Power Source for Your Laptop

Your laptop is one powerful entertainment machine. You can stream movies, listen to music, or even watch live TV in the tiny machine. The only downside is that the battery power of your laptop would be quite limited when you are watching YouTube videos on your way to Darwin.

Powering the laptop with your RV’s battery is not advisable. If you are planning on using your laptop for entertainment purposes, the best option here is to getting a secondary power source. You can use a power bank or a solar battery to watch videos or blast music without limiting your RV’s battery power.

Consider Installing a Television

One of the least power-consuming options for keeping yourself entertained in a motorhome is to just install a television set inside. A compact, low-voltage set would last longer than a laptop that requires charging every two or three hours. If you do your research and find the best caravan TV antenna, you won’t have to worry about the picture quality fluctuating throughout the trip. As televisions are one of the most reliable sources of entertainment, this stands as one of the top ways to keep the family engaged on long trips.

Go with a Separate Music Player

Don’t use your laptop or smartphone to play music on your trip. Instead, get a separate music player or a radio to play music and keep everyone entertained on the trip. A separate music player would have more battery power compared to a gadget like a smartphone. For example, iPods can play music for a longer time than iPhones, which often run other programs that consume power. Music can be soothing on trips and even be a thing that brings everyone together. So don’t forget to pack a music player to never get bored on your trip.

Take Your Tablet Too

Plan on watching videos? Then use a tablet rather than a smartphone. Tablets are larger and therefore pack more battery power. Keep your smartphone for calling and messaging people. For entertainment purposes, bring a tablet on your trip. Not only will you be able to stream videos, you can also play games for long periods without worrying about battery power.

Pack your Favourite Board Games

Entertain the whole family and friend on your road trip without worrying about power consumption by packing your favourite board games for the trip. There is a large variety of board games so you can certainly find games that everyone on board would like. Board games are also lightweight cargo, so you can pack several without any issue. This is also a great option for those electronics-free road trips.

You can choose any one of the above options for keeping everyone entertained on your road trip. At least for the kids, the RV trip would never have to be boring and long.


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