How to Get an Affordable Suspension Lift for Your Vehicle?

If your requirement is lifting your vehicle a few inches off the ground, you may not need to do any expensive modifications. You can go for minimal changes that will not break the bank. Because it is only a few inches of lift, you don’t need to consider steering or track bars. You need to check whether the existing shocks can cope with the change in height. Generally, for a small height, it will not need a change. However, if you are changing the ride height, you will need to adjust suspensions and alignment.

You can add strut spacers or coil spring spaces to achieve minimum lift. You can also replace the existing springs of the vehicle. New coils will have better performance but they will not fit everyone’s requirements. There are pros and cons when it comes to adding coil spring spaces and replacing the existing springs. You can consider customized coil spring replacement if you are not worried about the cost. When it comes to spaces, they are very affordable. There is a range in price but generally, they are inexpensive.

If you have a coil-spring jeep, then spacers are the easiest option you can go with when achieving a lift. But you need to make sure that you choose quality spacers. The addition of a spacer will not make a change in the spring rates. The height of the spring pad can be modified with a space. The spacer will not change height; it will give a fixed amount of lift. The coil spring is what can change the height and this may occur due to wear or weight changes. You will find that is very easy to install a spacer as well.

If your intention is to change the spring rate, this is not the option for you. The ride will not be improved by the spacer at all. A spacer is essentially a block between the lower and upper spring pads. When you add a spacer without modifying the suspension, you may decrease the collapsed length which can affect travel. In very rare cases, the spacers can fall out. If it is dislodged during travelling, the coil spring will not be properly seated. There are so many different spacers in the market.

It is a very simple tool. But you need to consider the material that spacers are made of. There are metal and plastic spacers. The metal spacers will not affect the quality of the ride or the spring rate. Some owners that use rubber or plastic spacers claim that they can soften harsh impacts. However, you should not be relying on the coil spacer for cushioning shocks.

If you are replacing your coil springs, there may be a change in your spring rate as the older springs may have worn out. Work-out springs can change the ride height as well. Custom coil springs have the benefit of being able to customize the spring rate according to your requirement. However, the sway bars need to be matched with the coils.

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