Modifications to Improve Car Performance

When you are planning on improving your car’s performance, one thing that you would always look into is the engine department. However, that is not always the case though, as there are many other components that could result in the increase in the performance of the vehicle in the long run. What are they though? Well, some of them can be the unlikeliest of things such as seats, aerodynamic changes and many other things. However, if you are looking for something immediate, then the following should be able to get you to where you want your car to be.


One of the most cost-effective improvements is the turbo. The reason for this is the fact that there are major performance gains that can be obtained from it. The turbo allows for increased air intake, which in turn result in a greater explosion in the engine. This leads to a sudden boost in power output. However, it has to be said that there are other components that have to be installed such as catless downpipe in order to have an efficient exhaust outflow. Moreover, it would be beneficial if you tweak it to the level that you are comfortable with.

Fuel Management

While on the topic of explosions in the engine, another modification that would help in improving the car performance immensely is the fuel management system. This system helps the engine combust the right amounts of fuel when it is working. This in turn helps in producing the optimum power output in the long run. This can differ from car to car, and is often controlled by a special computer. In many cases, this has to be done in a manner that would result in great trial and error.


While the engine department is very important, there are other parts of the car that are equally important to consider when attempting to improve the performance of the vehicle. One of these other components is the brakes. When you do upgrade the engine bay, there is a chance that your original brakes will not be able to sustain the power that your car may produce, as a result, it may become quite dangerous to drive. Therefore, it is necessary to change the brakes to something like a full disc brake. If it is a car that can reach up to 170mph, then it is advised to install carbon ceramic brakes.


When you are going to do some track days in your car, it is well worth mentioning that you would do some hard cornering. This could make the original suspension quite obsolete since it is not made to take so much punishment. However, if you do install some hard performance suspension, it is possible to get around the track much faster than how your car would have been. The reason is because the performance suspension keeps the car stable when it corners.

In conclusion, these are arguably the first things that you can do when you are planning on modifying your car for performance.

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