Steps To Take During A Roadside Vehicle Emergency

When you’re travelling by vehicle or any other mode of transportation for that matter, it’s always advisable to be prepared for any sort of emergency. Whether it’s your vehicle stalling by the roadside or even a passenger falling sick during the journey, having an emergency planned always on standby would be a great idea! The last thing you would want is to be stranded on the roadside with no plan in hand. This sort of situation will not only be disastrous but could also be dangerous depending on the circumstance.

Here are a couple of steps that you should take if your vehicle were to have an emergency on the roadside.

Keep The Phone Numbers Ready

As soon as you realise that your vehicle engine won’t start, immediately stay put and dial road side emergency service or towing service. It is always important to have these numbers so that help can arrive as soon as possible. However if the engine does start once again after a while, do not start driving immediately. Keep the engine on for a while and then resume your journey as this gives your engine time to warm up.

Evaluating The Situation

Whether your vehicle is experiencing some sort of technical difficulty, or even one of your passengers are ill/ not feeling well, it’s always advisable to stop the vehicle and evaluate the situation. If your passenger is feeling nauseous, call medical services if there is no nearby hospital or medical centre. On the other hand, if your vehicle has stalled or is not starting, you should probably head over to the front of the vehicle and check up on the engine. If your vehicle has stopped in an unknown or deserted location, it’s advisable to stay locked inside the vehicle and call for roadside assistance right away.

Having The Necessary Tools Ready

Some roadside emergencies aren’t really emergencies at all and can at time be fixed without the help of professionals. All you need to do is ensure that you have the right type of tools ready to deal with the situation. For example, your stalled engine could be revived with the help of another vehicle by simply jumps –starting it with the use of a pair of jumper cables. Another useful and more obvious component to always have with you is a spare tire. Even though installing a new tire can be difficult to do alone, it’s quite a simple task with two or three people, thus it is always advisable to have a spare tire along with the necessary tools ready at all times.

Staying Put

The last thing you need is panicking during a roadside emergency. Most roadside emergency services effectively carry out servicing the Sunbury area. Therefore all you need to do is stay put, lock your doors and wait for help to arrive. Don’t attempt to resolve a complex vehicle problem as the chances are, you might even end up making the situation worse.

Roadside emergencies should be dealt with in a certain way and if you follow these steps you’re bound to get out of trouble soon!

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