The Advantages of Applying Ceramic Coating on Your Car

Whenever you buy a brand new car, you want to have it looking mint for as long as possible. One way to ensure that your car keeps its showroom shine is to apply a layer of paint protection on its body. Popular options these days include paint sealants, Paint Protection Film (PPF) and ceramic coatings.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about the benefits using and ceramic coatings and why we think it’s the best option for protecting your vehicle.

Preserve Your Car’s Current Condition

Dirt, grime, bird droppings and harsh chemicals can over time wear out your paint and weaken the integrity of your car’s general exterior.  In addition, the paint job may succumb to scratches and chips with regular use. Plus there’s the inevitable mud splatter and rain to worry about as well!

Nano ceramic coating prevents any of these contaminants from damaging your car by creating an impenetrable layer over your its paint job.

However, it must be noted that ceramic coatings don’t actually improve the paint’s condition or even mask any scratches, sun damage or swirl marks present on it. Ceramic coatings are completely translucent.

They Last a Longer Time

The thing with alternative paint protection options like wax and polish is that they don’t last that long. This is because, unlike ceramic coatings, these aren’t fused to the surface of the vehicle. Hence, with enough pressure, they can be removed. In contrast, ceramic coatings fully adhere to the body of the car and aren’t so easily dislodged.

In addition, ceramic coatings are pretty much unaffected by extremes of weather, high humidity, chemicals…etc. meaning they’ll last for several years at least.

Professional-grade ceramic coatings last much longer than DIY variants. This is because of the high amount of silica dioxide present in the former, making it pretty much impenetrable by microscopic particles.

It’s Easier to Keep the Car Clean

Wish dirt would simply roll of your car? That’s exactly what a ceramic coating does. The Nano-coating works at the molecular level, ensuring that there’s no jags in the texture. As a result, any oncoming dirt particles won’t be able to find a place to latch onto.

So if you’re lazy and don’t like washing your car every couple of weeks, then we highly recommend going for the highest quality ceramic car coatings. This also means having to spend less on automotive car soaps, microfiber cloths and clay bars.

No Need for Regular Waxing

It’s a good practice to wax your car every time you wash it. This helps protect your paint and gives it a fresh shine. With ceramic coating you get twice the protection for less than half the effort. Essentially, you’re making sure that your car won’t need a waxing for at least a couple of years!

As you can see, there are several benefits to applying ceramic coating on your car. This includes improved protection and longevity, cost-effectiveness and easier upkeep. The two different types of ceramic coating (professional and DIY) each have their own strengths as well. The former lasts longer while the latter is easier to apply.

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