The Everlasting Reliability of the Hilux

Automobiles of the present day and age have become more utilitarian than ever before. Examples such as the MPVs and the SUVs are just some of them. However, one automobile that often is considered to be the most utilitarian out of the lot is the pick-up, especially the ubiquitous Toyota Hilux. First built to transport passengers, as well as heavy loads on roads, the present day Hilux has become a fan favourite for the adventure junky out there too. This is because of the fact that the vehicle boasts of some off-road capabilities, such as locking differentials and four-wheel drive systems to name but a few. Here are just some of the major reasons why the pick-up has become an icon in many countries throughout the world.

Ease of Use

Toyota, being the innovative company from Japan, intended to make a vehicle that can easily be operated by any standard driver, without having to perform any training beforehand. As a result, the Toyota Hilux was born with a simple manual gearbox, large trunk space, and enough space for 5 people, including the driver. Just like any other car, the vehicle requires simple maintenance and servicing that can be done, even at the very confines of your own garage.


One of the stand-out elements of the vehicle is the relative affordability throughout the world, when compared to other competitors. Even now, it still is quite a shocker to comprehend the fact that the Hilux can be purchased almost anywhere in the world, regardless of whether it is brand new or used, for reasonable price, thus making it one of the more affordable utilitarian automobiles out there in the global markets of today.

Durability and Ruggedness

Its popularity is not, however, limited to its trunk space and passenger seating, but also extends to off-roading capabilities too. A modern day Hilux comes filled with many features as standard, along with the low range gear box and locking differentials, so as to be able to traverse the rough terrains of the rural areas of the country. In fact, Top Gear proved just how difficult it is to destroy a Hilux, as they devised a number of torturous tests. In other words, the Hilux is a symbol of affordable rugged simplicity mashed up into one perfect vehicle.


Another reason for the Hilux’s popularity lies in the ubiquity of the vehicle throughout the world. As a result, the vehicle can be purchased with little to no effort. This also includes spare Hilux parts too, as they can be purchased in almost any motor spare part showroom around the world. Furthermore, the vehicle has a very good second hand market, making the resale value of the vehicle quite reasonable, which makes incurring losses far less than its competitive equivalents.

By looking at the history of the Toyota Hilux, one can easily justify why it still is one of the more sort after vehicles out there in the market of today.

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