Tips for Sprucing Up Your Game Fishing Ride

Is the marine vessel you live to go on game fishing trips looking a bit worn and torn these days? You don’t have to buy a whole new ride to enjoy better features. A simple upgrade to your boat could simply make it function and even look better. Here is a list of cool upgrades game fishers should consider investing in:

Add More Power with a House Battery

Most off-shore game fishers struggle to efficiently ration power while out at sea. Running all the electronic gadgets on modern boats requires a lot of energy. You definitely don’t want the battery to die out at sea. To add an extra source of power to your marine vessel, get a household battery on board. Make sure it has a selector switch to run various non-crucial systems like the coolers and panel screens.

Alternatively, you can buy one or two portable li-ion batteries to power up secondary systems like entertainment devices. There are highly compact portable generators you can definitely get on fishing vessels. You can also pack power banks for handheld electronics like smartphones and cameras. When it comes to power, the more the merrier.

Get New Seating for Comfortable Fishing

Are the existing seating cushions on board torn, worn out, or generally uncomfortable? Then go ahead and buy new ones. Getting new boat seats is one of the best ways to make your vessel look and feel newer. Also, there are excellent choices available these days to make fishing and sailing a lot more comfortable. You can choose a pedestal seat with armrests to feel like you are on a floating hotel. New seating may even increase the overall value of your fishing ride.

Blast Great Audio

What’s a fishing ride that’s dead quiet? You can make your vessel a lot more fun by installing sets of speakers on board. You won’t have to drag extra wires or heavy equipment on board. Buy a Bluetooth enabled speaker for optimal and hassle-free audio out at sea. There are Bluetooth speakers that come in waterproof casing, every more convenient for fishing trips.

Install Better On-Board Lights

Most fishing vessels don’t come with the best lights. You can make yours look more expensive than it is with an array of LED lights. You commonly see pre-installed LED lights on big yachts. The same system can be used on smaller vessels. The LED lights are bright, cool, and fit into the small, tight spaces on board. You can install them on deck, around the seating, and other areas where you plan on relaxing and socialising.

Consider Marine Carpeting

You can make the floor on board smoother and plushier with marine carpeting. There’s a snap-in version that doesn’t require major installing. Marine carpeting functions very much like floor carpeting back at home. Except that you may want to choose a waterproof, salt-resistant material. Also, buy marine carpeting in kits so that you can easily replace the ones that get dirty or damaged.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make your game fishing vessel nicer and generally cooler. Consider any of the above upgrades for a better game fishing trip next time.

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