Top Things to Do Before You Mount Your Motorbike

Those who ride motorbikes will indeed tell you how addictive the pleasure of riding one really is! You feel like you are one with the wind as you seemingly glide on roads, unaffected by anything or anyone around you. But a motorbike is really not the safest mode of travel and everyone knows that too. The checklist that is in the article below will help you stay safe on the road. Make sure you tick off all the boxes before you mount your motorbike because it really will keep you safe!

Ensure the Motorbike Is In Good Condition

You need to ensure that your motorbike is good enough to be ridden before you mount it. This is very, very important. Check the tires and see if the pressure is too low because that can very easily cause a blowout. You need to also check your hydraulic and coolant fluids once a week. Check under the motorbike too to see if there are any signs of oil leakages. Once you get on the bike, you need to ensure that the mirrors are clean and afford great rear views. You can also check your horn and see if it works well.

Wear the Right Gear

You must be clad in the right gear to enjoy a safe ride on the motor bicycle. Even if you are in a mortal hurry to reach a particular destination, try to take a few minutes to find the right gear. You need to wear your helmet at all times to keep your head protected in case an accident happens. You will also have to see that all those who are riding the motorcycle with you are wearing helmets. Especially the little children who are travelling with you need to have their own kid-sized helmets that fit them really well. You can also invest in Alpinestars gloves as that will give you the right grip.

Sober Up

If you have been drinking, do not get on your bike and attempt to ride it because that will most likely cause accidents. You will be putting yourself as well as other drivers on the roads in great danger. Instead, you can opt to ride with a sober friend or even catch a taxi or travel on public transport. Never ever take the risk of riding a bike when you are not sober.

Stay Focused

If you have been dealing with work pressures or other stressful conditions that will thwart your attention away from the road while you ride, take at least a few minutes to calm your nerves before you get on your bike.  Keep your mobile phone in the silent mode if you can and never ever attempt to answer or make calls when you are riding the bike. Your attention needs to be on the road at all times when you are on the bike so remain focused. Banish all distracting thoughts from your mind and get on the bike with a clear mind.

Follow the simple steps above and stay safe on the roads because you matter and your safety matters.

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