Why On-Street Parking Is A Nightmare

Ask any driver, they’ll probably tell you how much they hate parking. On street parking is a nightmare. It’s probably a driver’s least favorite part about owning a car. Trust me. Why? Because It causes major inconveniences for the drivers of cars as well as to others. The bad completely outweighs the good. The following article issues the many problems one faces with on street parking. Read on ahead to find out.

So Much Traffic Today?

Thankfully for you, many urban councils have recognized the disasters of on street parking and introduced much better options, such as multi level parking systemsUnfortunately, this solution is not widespread, many countries seem to be lacking it. Thus, leaving us drivers to deal with the lovely tribulations of parking on the side of the road.

It’s obvious what could happen if someone parks their car, let alone a heavy-duty vehicle like a bus on the side of a street. The consequence is immense traffic. Imagine you’re late for work and a bus is parked on the side of a narrow road ahead. How on earth is there space to drive by? The vehicles take long; carefully moving within the given space. This would take little to no time, but because of the lack of mobility, it takes several unnecessary minutes.

What would happen if a vehicle collides with the parked bus? That’s right, amidst trying to maneuver through the tight space, a car knocked against the vehicle and causes a major traffic jam. Ouch. What’s worse, what if it was your car that collided and got into the accident? Would you be happy? Hope your car has insurance.

Do You Have Money For Petrol?

Staying in traffic all day due to the lack of space that on-street parking offers causes for the length of trips to not only be delayed but elongated. Get ready for spending more on fuel, and we all know that isn’t the cheapest option. You can’t just turn your car on and off every time you move midst traffic, now can you? No. That’s why you and your loved ones will suffer.

You Could Really Hurt Someone

On street parking is not only inconvenient but also deadly. Most of the time, vehicles tend to park between each other. What if a fire breaks out in the building you parked in front of but there’s absolutely no room for the firetruck to park as every street corner is packed? They can’t park in the middle of the street, can they? No. This will not only cause possible lives to be lost, but also for a mammoth traffic jam to occur.

It’s not just for that, but what if you reverse your car out of your parking spot and hit a pedestrian on the street? This wouldn’t happen to a seasoned driver, but for newbies, this is a very dangerous situation waiting to happen.

Isn’t it obvious how dangerous on-street parking is? The bad completely outweighs the good.

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